Build Terrace Itself – So It Works

Make roof terrace and in the day treat yourself the best start

Everyone would like to have a perfect place under the open sky, where beautiful spring days and hot summer nights can be spent. Whether you are alone with your favorite book or with a large company, roof terraces are very attractive, especially if they’re imaginatively designed.

Roof terraces are a pure fascination

The design of the roof terrace should be kept discreet

A little green, some seating and enough space to relax

Rooftop design worth and even fun! To the idea of coffee alone after getting up in pyjamas and to look over the city enough to be motivating. Roof terraces are often in an urban environment.

More and more frequently we find hidden restaurants and bars on the roofs in the city Giants

Some roofs allow even the planting of trees

The old industrial buildings with flat roofs, apartments or multi-storey car parks are common. All three do not really inviting sound, for the surprise is all the greater, if you see what everything on the roof of the House can be implemented.

In hot countries you could enjoy setting up the rooftop year-round

The modern architecture proves once again that the possibilities are endless

Dachterrasse-an incredible opportunity, over the rooftops of the city from a bird’s-eye view to enjoy the evening. Appropriate plants should not be missing here. First of all – it is very pleasant to be surrounded by plants. Zweitens-useful plants can be, as you wohnen-strawberries, for example, or depending on the country in which and so on lemons, oranges, figs.

The cosy atmosphere not always depends on the environment

Just gorgeous…

rooftop figures Paris

The third reason is you definitely stay hidden from prying eyes and to feel free and good.

Its rooftop terrace will be an absolute hit. There are reasons to undertake something.

A paradisiacal place that is even your home and that in the middle of the Großstadt-of which we all dream.

So you feel right behütet-in the truest sense of the word

It may be the most impressive Randevouz in your life

In this article, we provide some inspirational ideas and impressions, which can take over or supplement.

Surrounding plants and candles create a romantic ambience that can be increased in passion like.

Depending on the size of the area, you can give boldly unleash your imagination and make your dream come true.

As a good example, Zurich can taken be measured, nice and quiet

Your personal taste determines type of terrace

The right light in the dusk of the evening enchants the eye more

Wood floors accentuate the natural on your rooftop terrace and can simply be swept. Light furniture made from natural materials are recommended, but not much that should be.

Airy, slightly transparent fabric, perhaps a deck …oder a bank. It should be cozy, comfortable and suitable for maximum relaxation.

For several years there is the sky – bar trend. Berlin welcomed with typical modesty and charm