OPEN END, an online participation project

You are invited to participate in Open End, an interactive online visual and textual narrative using the Poetics app or ...?  This project is a conception of Holly Crawford and Seth Indigo Carnes.

To submit a panel to the narrative, simply view the latest story panel(s) on the AC Website, then post your submission via your choice (Instagram, Twitter and Email), adding the project hashtag to your submission.

The first project hashtag looks like this:  #openend001, with the end number changing every Thursday. Beginning September 19th, the hashtag will be #opened002, and so on.

This Weeks Hashtag is #openend006

For participation and project news via Twitter, please follow:

Seth Indigo Carnes: @soulincode

AC Institute: @ACDirect

Holly Crawford: @arttext

Curated September 19, 2013

  • It started with a text
  • It fell into the crack
  • I have to find it.
  • Weeds in the parkway, that’s all they could see.
  • Ribs municipal
  • Pixelated eternity
  • Lokke is here too
  • Trapped, there is a door.
  • Turn the knob to dream
  • A *barb*arous season, a poetics of insomnia

  • Bright yellow and black winds an awesome day
  • Poetics malfunction
  • I was eating at that small Japanese restaurant. You been there. That's when I heard that Ben
  • What really is happening?
  • What happening here? Beware of what you eat. Lokke knew this.
  • Flying for love
  • Words are the stairs to my soul
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Curated September 26, 2013

  • The surface was grittyi need I need
  • no gravity
  • Surface
  • Everyone loves the Yankees
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Curated October 3, 2013

  • Everyone is doing everything all the time
  • your mind Maybe Public
  • Until it falls
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Curated October 10, 2013

Over Load

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Curated October 17, 2013

  • As soon as the sky cleared that’s when i heard the sound coming from behind

  • down or is it up? She was running and did not have time to figure it out. She was following Lokke, but why and where?
  • It was that kind of day. His accountant was in rehad.
  • and it all starts over...