The following classes are available right now. Please check every few weeks to see a listing of new classes available. Thank you.



In this class, you will learn about specific techniques needed to create eye catching invitations used for special occasions. Since invitations have always been kept as memorabilia, it’s important to make it personalized and unique. The Photoshop Invitations Course will teach you how to create beautiful design event invitations. You will learn how to determine the look of the invitation based on the specific event. It will also teach you basic invitation layout and how to source assets. The course will teach you how to work with type and image using Photoshop. It will teach you how to establish hierarchy which will help you create designs that will bring attention to the most important details of the event. This course costs $24.



Anybody can create amazing designs by being equipped with the right knowledge and skills. This course will discuss about the basic concepts involved in graphic design and how you can get started. Graphic Design Overview for Beginners is one of the most important art classes you need to learn about. At the end of this course, you will be equipped with the required skills necessary to become a graphic artist. You will learn about the specific tools professional graphic designers use and how to use them correctly. Furthermore, you will also learn about the basics of typography, space and form, color theory and layout and composition. This course costs $49.



In the modern design world, hand lettering has seen a massive comeback over the past few years. The Introduction to Hand Lettering is a beginner friendly course wherein you’ll be able to learn how to create letters by hand. You will learn about the necessary skills needed to offer your services to future clients. No software is required in this course. You will be able to understand the role of hand lettering in the design industry. The course will teach you a wide variety of lettering styles and how to add embellishments to your letter forms. This course costs $49.