Balcony Furniture – How Can You Properly Maintain?

Properly maintain your garden and balcony furniture?

No matter whether it comes to garden or balcony furniture, you should know that they need a special care. So you can get your balcony furniture in good condition in the course of the years, we will tell you some maintenance tips.

The most important rule is to exhibit the furniture in direct sunlight for a long time. As a result, the colors fade as they can be damaged easily. But you can save yourself the overhead of the constant back and forth easily. Cover your garden and balcony furniture with special covers or decorative pillows. Moreover, it is desirable to use less water for the cabinetry.

Easy-care plastic furniture

The majority of the people decides for plastic furniture for outdoor use. The reason for this is that these are very convenient and reasonably priced. But also here you should not save the proper care yourself. Regularly clean your plastic furniture from dust and dirt. Because otherwise you that the colours of the furniture are changing and that risk especially in the bright garden furniture. Stubborn stains can be removed with a water – SOAP mixture. In winter, cover the plastic furniture and place it under a protective roof. In this way, you will receive your balcony and garden furniture in better condition.

Rattan furniture for the balcony

The rattan furniture are also an option for the design of balconies and gardens. They convey a touch of exoticism and create a holiday atmosphere. However, the rattan furniture are somewhat more complex care. Best use a soft cloth and little water, to remove the dust. The corners should free at with help of vacuum the dust. You can do this easily with a vacuum cleaner. Just like the plastic furniture, you should keep them under a protective roof.

Wood furniture

Balcony furniture made of wood are a slightly more expensive option. But they are much more stable and weatherproof. Is important for their care that they use water as little as possible, because through the wet they can rot. Best to brush the wood furniture with a brush and damp cloth. Every 3 to 5 years it should be painted.

Garden and balcony furniture metal

The metal furniture is an extravagant choice for your balcony or garden design. They provide a romantic atmosphere. Although the metal furniture have a protective layer, this decreases with time. That’s why you should to look for rust spots. It is better if the metal furniture are placed under a protective roof. Thus you will protect them from bird droppings, because this affects corrosive. Spice all few years with fresh paint on.

Now it is up to you, if you follow our tips, and what care you apply for your garden or balcony furniture…

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