Our Mission

Welcome to our website! Established in 2016, we offer the flexibility and convenience of a fully online environment for learning. Whether you are a morning person or a night owl, as a student you will have full access to your classroom. Our programs are virtual and available to individuals not able to attend college in brick and mortar classrooms. Online learning is a benefit to students who have other commitments such as family demands and work schedules. We feature a broad spectrum of creative classes leading to entry-level outcomes in your career. We assist you as our student to reach the future you imagine for yourself and the reach your goals.

Each instructor has requirements to meet specific criteria for the classes they teach. In their respective fields, they hold professional ranks. The interactive experience of your online classroom includes video and audio feedback and lively boards of discussion. There are also live lectures each week and an overview of demonstrations on video.

We have helped thousands of art students from around the world realize their creative and professional ambitions. Our online classes are revolutionary and provide the same rigorous campus education we offer with greater flexibility. We are proud of being involved in online teaching and fully support our employees for giving their talent and time for highly effective virtual classes.

Through education, research and investigation, our mission and aim is to understand the arts. It is a forum and lab for critical discussion and experimentation. We develop and support projects exploring experiential, verbal, sonic and visual disciplines. We challenge conventions between the subjective and the rational as well as expectations of objectivity and meaning by encouraging critical writing online.