Build Terrace Itself – So It Works

A private garden – no matter whether offers at the home or the rented ground-floor flat – probably for every nature and relaxation pure. Evening after a stressful day out place or enjoy breakfast outdoors on the weekend, this is easily possible with a private garden. To protect the lawn and comfortable to sit, and a beautiful terrace is recommended for every garden. These not only visually enhances the garden, but is also quite simply practical. How to build a terrace itself – from planning to implementation – we tell you in our post.

From material selection to the finished terrace

Before you build your patio yourself, should you worry about, what size you need. Customize a design sketch with all necessary dimensions. Consider the necessary gap by two percent, with a direct attachment to the House wegführend of the House wall. Provide for the necessary materials and tools to build your patio yourself. In advance, consider whether you want a practical and easy care stone terrace or something more intensive care and natural wood terrace.

1. prepare the surface:

Each terrace required a substructure. Includes, to smooth the surface with sand and gravel and compacted it. At the same time it serves to avoid waterlogging. Measure out the area for your patio and attach a marker for the vertices. Depending on the ratio of the height of land to the patio door, you should make a slight lifting of the underground, or pour sand and gravel directly on the area and then secure in him. In the case of a planned stone terrace, you can now accordingly put the stones and tap firmly with a rubber hammer. It is important to consider further steps in the construction of a wooden terrace.

2. the correct overlay:

No terrace works without massive support. For this own up slabs of concrete or paving stones, which firmly in the ground are must. Pay attention to stability and regularity. You get simple paving stones in any large hardware store.

3. the carrier construction:

Gross, expose the dimensions of the terrace with the first wooden slats. Then take to the stringers and install them so that they form the outer frame. Then fit the stringers on the inside of the “terrace framework’ at a distance of 40-60 centimeters parallel to each other (depending on the thickness of the planks) on the pad. The stringers are support and provide the necessary ventilation space. Screw connecting the outer frame of the terrace with the stringers.

4. make a start:

Place the first terrace section at right angles to the beam and freeze them at any beams with screws. Start at the left or right edge of the outer frame and work out to the opposite side.

5. lay the remaining planks:

Watch out for a distance of approximately 2 mm between the panels. Work with ruler and bubble level for a clean alignment. Firmly fasten the decking and on it, make sure that the screws not of the wood stand out.

6. the final touch:

If it overhangs on your decking, must they cut with a circular saw or even grind. Also you can make even a surrounding Panel if necessary.

The way to the own wellness oasis

The terrace is a project you can tackle with some amount of work itself. If you are installing your patio yourself, will notice how beautiful it is to spend your free time here. Because little increases the comfort as the awareness of having created them. As a personal retreat or a convivial space – build a terrace itself, which is worth.

Tips For Making A Small Balcony

Also a small balcony can cope with the escape from the stress of everyday life. With a small garden and a cosy jasminelive atmosphere, the balcony is becoming the resort. Not everyone is able to enjoy a huge roof terrace or large balcony. But who uses the space, can also from small towns a place tobe make.

Small balconies are big

Small spaces bigger to let Interior Architects help yourself with some tricks. Bright colors make a room seem larger and more. If there is the possibility to access, on a balcony to the paint pot then this should be done! A bright white or a fresh lemon yellow cast light on the balcony and make him seem larger.

Strong, bright colors also make a summery impression. Also we recommend, different colours for floor, wall and railings, or privacy, use to create a three-dimensionality. Maximum, 3 different colors into the design should go not to disturb the harmony of colours. Also a great trick, is the use of mirrors to create an optical illusion. Small mirror tiles or large mirror fake depth.


Adjust the color of the soil on which the subsequent room. This creates more harmony

Choose a concept: maritim, Oriental, Mediterranean, etc.

Whites and pastels create optical distance

Mirror create an optical illusion: perform installation over a large area

Who would like to keep a small garden on the balcony is like can do this also on a small balcony. These are flower boxes for the balcony railing. They are attached with a bracket. Meanwhile, there are also solutions on which the box on the railing is attached, where no further construction is necessary. In the boxes herbs, flowers or even strawberries and tomatoes can be planted then at will. Bamboo is very popular because it is growing rapidly and is very robust – and as a material for furniture.

Another alternative, is to save space, the currently emerging vertical gardening. In this case, they grow crops in vertical line and take up less space. This is, for example, a euro pallet attached to the wall, which then filled with Earth, with a foil on the back and then will be planted. Also on the balcony railing can be grown vertically. Many home improvement stores offer now smart and space-saving solution for vertical balcony plantings.


Climbers are excellent for small balconies and can also provide visual protection users

Sufficiently large pots or pots use, so that the plants can store enough nutrients

Use good substrate, not chemical fertilizer

Low-maintenance plants are: olive tree, oleander, petunias, geraniums and lavender

The right balcony furniture for small balconies

Also here are separate balcony furniture for a space-saving device. In addition, the furniture should be weather-proof. Small folding tables, which can be attached to the balcony railings are ideal for small balconies. Small garden sofas with fabric, which is suitable for outdoor use, also a cosy flair conjure up. To note is that at least half of the balcony remains free so that you can move more freely.

Summed up the furniture, be rather petite and not solid because otherwise a crushing sensation. Small stools and benches, where in addition something store can are ideal for a small balcony. If value is put on a sun lounger, these should be also folded, to include surface not excessively. Not only special benches, but also small corner shelves are suitable for storage. There also plants can be turned off.


Make sure that the furniture for outdoor use are suitable

Furniture match and not wild mix

Rattan, bamboo and wood continue to lie in the trend and create a warm image

Shelves on the walls are space-saving and offer storage space

That extra

The balcony Gets a full-cut, small accents must be used. These are textiles, such as weather-resistant or washable rugs. These provide a warm look. For the personal touch, a piece of furniture or object in focus is moved. Small fountain or a statue are nice accessories that make home-like the balcony.

On the balcony to feel slightly more comfortable and domestic, also a privacy can be drawn. This can be from high-growing plants. Also a covered balcony railings, for example, made of bamboo creates intimate atmosphere like the one from Thin curtains, which are – hung at the edge of the balcony, airy and cosy at the same time are also a great idea.


Tables or chairs from cable reels or old wine boxes are a true eye-catcher

Oriental feel and lots of Gemütlichkeit create cushions on the floor

Herbal Plant – Balcony Garden With Fragrant Pot Herbs

With the beginning of spring and the first sunny days, each of us has the desire to enjoy the nature more and more. Our first steps in this regard are mostly, to sit on the balcony or the terrace. To make these places in the open still more close to nature and full of flavour, we have a great idea: plant herbs! That we hinted last time already, but today we want to continue with our second article on herbal plants on the balcony!

Plant herbs – Mint balcony plant

Mint herbs images herbal plant

For the breeding of Mint at home, it’s enough to plant in a wide, low pan. Set to air-side location. The Mint is growing fast, requires no special maintenance and can withstand temperature changes with ease. It is important to be careful in the selection of the Mint.

There are some varieties that have their peculiarities depending on the origin.

Tip: The mint tea can be used as a cure for sea sickness and travel fever. He alleviates the symptoms of nausea.

Parsley – Green Gold

The parsley is a traditional condiment, that should never be missed in a home. The Green Gold, as this spice is called, like the shade and therefore you should find out a suitable corner of the balcony for the parsley. Ensure that the earth remains always moist. It would not hurt the plant if you pour them every day. Parsley grows pretty quickly. Except as a valuable culinary spice, parsley as a decorative plant can be used. As such, she will provide more freshness in your home.

Plant herbs – Rosemary

The Rosemary enchants everybody with its long-lasting and intense fragrance. It blooms with blue flowers and ensures happiness in each balcony or on the terrace.

The plant loves the Sun and needs not much water. Resistant to pests and drought, it’s perfect for breeding at home. The Rosemary is rich in potassium, calcium, iron, manganese, copper and magnesium. Put it in a sunny place and during the colder months you can put him in the House.

Tip: Remove the dry leaves regularly.

After these herbs ideas, nothing remains as the thing itself in the hands and to make your personal oasis of herbs on the balcony!

In the summer, the chives needs frequent irrigation

Experience a full enjoyment on the balcony

Heat and cold have not very good on the Basil

Basil herbs images herbal plant

Breed dill as balcony plant

Enjoy the sunny days in addition to your herbs

The oregano contains vitamins A, C and mineral salt

The classic herbs that everyone should grow at home

The Mint is growing fast and needs no special care

Mint herbal plant herbal balcony

Herbal plant – cute balcony design with fresh herbs

Charmed everyone with its long-lasting and intense fragrance of Rosemary

Marin Rose Herbs images herbal plant

Choose the plant container fitting

Blooming flowers and fresh herbs make the balcony always in a nice way

The Green Gold like the Penumbra

Make a part of your herb garden thyme

Herbal plant – an original idea for the design of balcony

How To Overwinter Your Balcony Plants?

Practical advice on how your balcony plants Hibernate properly

Already with the first reduction in temperature you should worry about your plants outdoors. The frosts could be damaging to some of them. With this article we want to make easier the Hibernate of your balcony plants.

Each spring is placed a large part of the plant to outside and alone because of better controls there. Get outdoors the plants more oxygen and light. As a result, they grow better. But in the fall it comes back time, to bring the balcony plants inside.

Learn about the reduction in the autumn!

When should this happen? If the mercury of thermometer for some nights at 10 ° C and even deeper falls, you should start already to bring the balcony plants in a safe place. It is however important that this process will be carried out gradually. In this way the plants will adapt much better and more easily to the new conditions. To make this easier for balcony plants, you can place them outside in the morning and evening back in install. This process should last for 10 days until you finally let the plants indoors for the winter.

Provide a good humidity in the indoor area

It is important to know that the plants inside some other care claim a new. E.g. the indoor plants need less water compared to these outdoor. There is a difference also in the humidity – in the winter, the air becomes drier due to heating in the living area. This requires a frequent spraying of the plant with water.

Eliminate insects

Before the balcony plants Hibernate, check a few things. The first is the danger of insect. If there are small beasts, it is good to wash the plant before you bring them in the House thoroughly. This will prevent plugging of other plants. As second require to be repotted some plants before storing it. There are types that allow a change of the pot in the autumn.

Plants overwinter – possible reactions for the relocation

Be prepared that the plants can also react to the change of place. The flowers can be for some, on the other the leaves. Often, it happens also that the leaves are yellow, or that the growth of the plant over a period of time stands still. After they have acclimated, the plant will return to the normal rhythm of growth.

Now you’ve got useful advice to the Hibernate of your balcony plants. You can find additional information about it in the net, but now you get to work…

In advance, think about where you put your plants in the House

The balcony plants bring aliveness into every Interior

Place the plant in a bright place

Plants overwinter – think of a solution that ensures greater air humidity

In the spring you can bring out the balcony plants

Plants to the balcony plants before winter, if necessary

The advantage of the winter garden

Plants overwinter – save space by a plant stand in the corner